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HCYC was formed in late 1996 by the merger of two established clubs:  the Alamo Yacht Club, operating out of Canyon Lake Marina and the Texas Yacht Club operating out of Cranes Mill Marina.  HCYC began operation on January 1, 1997.


HCYC applied for and received a not for profit designation 501(c)(5) from the IRS and its charter from the State of Texas prior to opening for business.


The original group of club officers:  Randy Dent (Commodore); Audrey Rogers (Vice Commodore); Bill Malloy (Rear Commodore for Power); Craig Wright (Rear Commodore for Sail); Stan Winchester (Secretary); Jim Kizziar (Treasurer); Mary Downing (Social Director); David Overpeck (Social Director); Patti Augustine (Past Commodore of AYC); and, ;; and, Mike Finleon (Past Commodore of TYC) were selected as a balanced representation the two founding clubs.


The original (1997) handbook listed 145 active memberships.


At the time of HCYC's formation, TYC had a clubhouse (it is now the tenant's lounge at Cranes Mill) and a covered deck.  AYC had a covered deck and a combination storeroom, food preparation area in approximately the same location as our present clubhouse (not including our deck).


Why did the two existing clubs merge into a new organization?  There were three major conditions that most influenced the two clubs to form HCYC: 

1) AYC needed additional space to support its programs and activities and the current marina management at Canyon Lake Marina had not been responsive to their requests;

 2) From the TYC perspective, Cranes Mill Marina had suffered major damage from storms and previous floods, and the marina ownership had not taken any action to repair the damage nor would the marina's ownership commit to a time schedule for restoring the damages.  (NOTE:

This was in 1996, well before the time when SUNTEX Marinas purchased both Canyon Lake Marina and Cranes Mill Marina.

3) The then current management of Canyon Lake Marina had made it known that if TYC would move from Cranes Mill Marina to Canyon Lake Marina and the TYC membership would relocate a significant number of member boats to Canyon Lake Marina that a new facility would be constructed at Canyon Lake Marina.  The facility was to be constructed would include what is now our present clubhouse and deck.


It took almost all of 1997 for the clubhouse and deck to be constructed and made ready for occupancy, but the work was finally completed.  Our first activity in the new facility was the 1997 Parade of Lights.


About 10 years ago, the Suntex Marina Corporation purchased Cranes Mill Marina.  That's when Don King came to the lake as our Marina Manager.  Under his management, HCYC has been able to enjoy significantly more support and operational flexibility than we had under the previous owner/manager.  We are very fortunate to enjoy a solid relationship with the marina.


On the HCYC clubhouse wall between the restrooms the burgees of the two founding clubs are displayed.  Between the burgees are documents identifying the dedicated people that gave a lot of time, thought and effort to make our Club a reality.  Rest assured that their effort, while not always without competing ideas, provided us with the organization we all now enjoy.


We owe each of them a debt of gratitude for all their time and work!